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Potable Water is the key requirement for survival of life. In modern era of industrialization and Globalization and amidst global climate issue of pollution, global warming, rapid urbanization, depletion of fresh water sources, potable water has become scare. Lumino is committed for providing the same. Lumino infrastructure provides the Modern technique of water purification including the conventional WTP and water supply system to cater the rural population needs of potable water as per the requirement and specification of Jal Jeevan Mission of GOI.

Lumino also believe in judicious use of water by by 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and recycle) to help the mother earth. We also provide waste water solution for municipal waste including STP (on ASP and SBR Technology) and Sewerage network with allied infrastructure.

With strong foothold in the domain of Survey, design, Construction, Operation & Maintenance of complete water supply system and waste Water system with allied sewerage network infrastructure. Lumino has infrastructure and team of Engineers to implement drinking water supply system and waste water system and their operation and maintenance with modern centralized control systems – PLC & SCADA system on Turnkey basis as per the requirement and specification of NMCG, GOI.

For Industrial clients, the emphasis is on reconditioning of the effluent water for the production purposes. Lumino can provides wide range of solutions from coagulation & flocculation, sedimentation, media filtration and disinfection through Chlorination or UV system and also by using the modern technologies such as membrane filtration and advance oxidation process AOP) in order to provide the Zero liquid discharge plant to our clients.

On Going Project

1- Construction of RCC OHSRs of different Capacity, laying of distribution system, and providing FHTCs under subsurface water Supply scheme at Khayrasole block in Birbhum District, West Bengal

LIL has been entrusted by Public Health Engineering Department, Govt of West Bengal for the construction and commissioning of water supply scheme. Project will ensure safe drinking water with functional Household tap connection to all houses in Khayrasole block of Birbhum District, West Bengal     

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